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Thai duo massage for couples

Come and enjoy a Thai massage with two in our privatized cabin.

Comfortably installed in a duo massage booth specially prepared for you, discover the pleasure of a moment of relaxation all the more enjoyable as it is shared.

You will be able to choose the type of massage you prefer to receive between a traditional Thai massage (dressed) or a relaxing massage with aromatic oils.

Among the many benefits, Thai massage reduces muscle tension, fights stress and stimulates blood circulation. It helps to release the blocking points in the various parts of the body while alleviating the pains.

The Thai massage in DUO is practice on of Tatamis equipped two futons, on the whole body, in starting by the feet and in ending therewith headin the aim of release the "bad chakkras" by the top. An ancestral technique, Thai massage in DUO is a invitation à awakening from all the meaning And allows harmony of the body and the spirit. A massage à discover à two, at epilogue of Thai massage, we practice a wonderful face massage with towels warm.

Whether it's to celebrate an important moment in your love life or simply to offer you a moment of intimacy and relaxation for two, Thai Duo massages for Couples will seduce your partner and yourself for sure.

Thai massage for Couples

Choice: massage given on a massage table or on the floor on futons according to your preferences.

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Thai Couple Massage
From 99.- with subscription card

1h00 - 220.-

1h30 - 300.-