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Visceral Massage

What is a visceral massage?

Visceral massage is a specific massage technique that aims to work in depth on the organs of the abdomen. This delicate manipulation relieves pain and tends to alleviate certain pathologies and symptoms.

Visceral massage is a manual therapeutic massage related to vital energy. Originating in China, this practice aims to reduce negative energy. Your therapist focuses on the abdomen by massaging the internal organs deeply. He or she can work specifically on the liver, stomach, kidneys, prostate, large intestine, bowels, uterus, bladder and ureter.

The viscera or joints and tissues are also involved in a visceral massage. The therapist's movements are deep to restore tone, vitality and mobility to the internal organs.

What are the benefits of visceral massage?

This wellness massage works on both the body and the mind. The belly is often referred to as our second brain. It is partly responsible for our emotional state. The visceral message thus releases positive emotions and promotes relaxation of the nervous system.

The visceral massage allows, among other things, to purify the body and to promote blood circulation. This treatment also stimulates the immune and lymphatic systems. Finally, it helps to relieve muscular tension due to stress and anxiety. The internal organs will react to the massage by eliminating toxins. Visceral massage also helps to free us from certain emotional blockages.

After a session, the patient feels lighter, more harmonious and balanced, even though visceral massage can be stressful at the time. The whole body will benefit from visceral massage as the viscera are also connected to the skull, thorax, and pelvic floor.

This treatment is also recommended for pregnant women who have had a caesarean section. The gestures of your specialist therapist will help to avoid or reduce adhesions and thus help the appearance of the scar. This treatment acts on the physical, energetic and emotional levels as well as on the urogenital system.

How does a visceral massage session at Terre des Sens work?

After an interview to identify imbalances or blockages, the therapist will perform gentle touches to prepare for drainage and perform an assessment of the viscera. A massage will then be given to release tension and free the fascias surrounding the organs. Acupressure points can be stimulated to rebalance energy.

The therapist will provide drainage of the various organs to help detoxify the body. This approach can relieve a wide variety of abdominal discomforts. The abdomen, "the second brain of our body", then functions in a harmonious way.

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Visceral Massage
1h00 – 160.-