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A soothing place to rejuvenate

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Enter the world of Terre des Sens , an authentic place to serve your well-being.

Discover a peaceful space, a place of tranquility and harmony, where the serenity and care provided will help you achieve greater physical and mental fulfillment. In order to fully recharge your batteries with a massage or a therapy, our center offers 11 private cabins as well as a rest area to relax after the treatments. 

Terre des Sens Geneva

Our team is composed of therapists from different backgrounds:

A team of trained and experienced Thai masseuses practicing according to the rules of the art of Thai massage will make you experience or find all the specialties of this region.

Therapists from all over the world will introduce you to massage .

An experienced speaker, Roman Celeyronwill take you on a journey to the sounds of the sound vibrations produced by the Singing Bowls. An experience not to be missed.

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Yoga, Meditation & Tibetan Rites

Yoga Studio Terre des Sens
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The Five Tibetan Rites

Terre des Sens is a multidisciplinary and modular place, offering different practices or therapies based on ancestral knowledge, which will allow you to improve your personal well-being.

Whether it is through massage, the discovery of the soothing vibrations of the Singing Bowls, the practice of yoga and meditation or the participation in seminars, Terre des Sens participates in your blossoming and helps you to reach a better harmony of your body and your spirit. We want to make it possible for everyone to find themselves, to "let go" and to move forward on their own path. Whether it is a beneficial massage, yoga classes or a conference on a particular subject, we offer you different ways to achieve this.



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