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Thai massage for pregnant women

Thai massage for pregnant women

During pregnancy, pregnant women experience not only hormonal upheaval but also significant physical changes. Pain and muscle tension are part of their daily routine. That is why it is essential to set aside moments of relaxation and rest to free oneself from the pains associated with pregnancy.

The benefits of Thai massage for pregnant women

Contrary to popular belief, massage for pregnant women is not discouraged (after the first trimester). On the contrary, it first of all improves blood and lymphatic circulation. It helps to relieve muscle tension, leg cramps and back pain. It reduces cervical and lumbar pain.

In addition, the pregnant woman massage softens the skin and joints, allowing the body to suffer less from the physical changes of pregnancy. It also creates more physical and emotional space and therefore better breathing. The mother-to-be will also feel her anxiety level decrease and her sleep will be better. Indeed, the massage pregnant woman provides a feeling of calm, security. It brings as much well-being for the mother as for the baby.

In short, this treatment allows your body to regain its balance more quickly, remodels it and stimulates vitality. It relieves tension, decongests heavy legs, promotes the elimination of toxins and muscle and joint pain. A soothing treatment that helps prevent "baby blues".

How does a Thai massage for pregnant women work?

Thai massage for pregnant women is a gentle, relaxing variation on the traditional Thai massage . It is performed in a comfortable position for her, lying on her side. A neutral oil is gently applied, with no essential oils, which are forbidden during pregnancy. During a Thai massage for pregnant women, the masseuse focuses on areas of tension and energy lines known as "sen". The aim is to stimulate the body's "chi" energy and energize the whole body.

There are certain parts of the body that contain acupuncture points that can trigger uterine contractions, so the pressure must be reduced. Throughout the session, the masseuse will favour long contacts and light touches, especially on the belly.

The objective is to accompany the mother-to-be during her pregnancy so that she can live it as comfortably as possible. With less pain, less fatigue, more energy and less stress. The goal is to bring her a general well-being where the beneficial effects will also be felt by the baby.

For whom: For pregnant women, prenatal massage is provided from the 5th month of pregnancy. For young mothers, postnatal massage is recommended between 3 and 6 months after delivery.

Registered Therapist ASCA - Reimbursement by your supplementary insurance is possible. Services ASCA are subject to a surcharge by the independent therapist ASCA/RME.  See the list of our accredited therapists and our rates.

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Pregnant woman massage Geneva
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