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Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is lymphatic drainage?

It is a specific massage for any problem related to liquids in the body and their elimination.

Lymphatic drainage is recommended in case of problems:

- water retention
- swelling after a shock or operation
- prolonged absorption of drugs
- of difficult intestinal transit
- headaches

It is also recommended for post-operative treatment

What is lymph?

  • A colourless liquid circulating in the lymphatic vessels
  • It carries proteins, nutrients, toxins and cellular debris
  • It acts as a waste disposal system, draining excess liquids and toxins
  • If the lymph circulation is deficient, the body suffers

Benefits of manual lymphatic drainage

  • helps relaxation
  • stimulates lymph circulation
  • eliminates stagnant liquids
  • improves return flow
  • relieves pain: heavy legs, migraine, sinusitis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis
  • helps the immune process and healing
  • post-operative treatment

Several sessions are necessary to obtain a result. Their number and frequency depend on the level of the problem, the duration of the problem and the person's lifestyle.

Registered Therapist ASCA - Reimbursement by your supplementary insurance is possible. Services ASCA are subject to a surcharge by the independent therapist ASCA/RME.  See the list of our accredited therapists and our rates.


Carine Rochat

As a medical assistant in a cosmetic surgery practice for twenty years, I decided to reconvert to complementary health therapies while keeping a very medical approach in the care of my patients.

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Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage
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