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Therapies for pregnant women 

Pregnant Women & Expectant Parents

Well-being care & Multidisciplinary support for pregnant women & future parents

The 9 months of pregnancy are the ideal time to take a break from the stress and stress of pregnancy: to tame your body in full transformation, to relieve the specific pains of pregnancy or to give yourself a break to think about yourself and your unborn baby.

We work with certified therapists to offer you massage and treatments specially designed for pregnant women. For those who require more in-depth support, we can work out a personalized program with you.

Hatha Yoga


Therapeutic management and approaches adapted to your needs:

- Manual lymphatic drainage *

- Thai massage *

- Therapeutic massage *

-• Prenatal yoga, with or without meditation, mantras, prenatal chanting

- Acupuncture (Dr. Chang) *

- Sound massage with singing bowls


- Stimulates the production of our famous happy hormones, relaxation and well-being, such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

- Reduces back, muscle or joint pain

- Regulates blood and lymphatic circulation, acts on heavy legs and water retention

- Fight against fatigue, stress and nervous tension

- Contributes to good sleep

- Provides a break time just for you and your baby


We work with certified therapists, offering you a wide range of services reimbursed by complementary insurance (ASCA or RME), including: massage thaïlandais, massage thérapeutiques, acupuncture (Dr. Chang), foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu.


For couples expecting a child:

In 1 hour acquire simple gestures and movements.

During pregnancy, discomfort and pain appear: back pain, mainly in the lumbar region, but also in the dorsal and neck region with computer work, heavy, swollen legs, etc.

These can be soothed, or even disappear, by making movements that take a few seconds. The most comfortable position is sought for each couple to perform these relieving gestures.

An evaluation of the pregnant woman's needs, a consideration of the place (bed, floor, table) where this moment of relaxation can take place, as well as the physical possibilities of the companion will allow to propose a series of mobilizations among which the couple will choose what suits them best.

A moment of complicity and participation in the pregnancy!

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1 couple: 150.00

2 couples: 130.00/couple

3 couples: 110.00/couple

To benefit from the discount, couples must register together.