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What is Ayurveda?

Several thousand years old, Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine. While treatments are often based on specific massage techniques, its holistic approach aims to bring body and mind into harmony for greater well-being and the maintenance of good health. Ayurveda offers numerous benefits, including stress reduction, toxin elimination and improved circulation. Ayurvedic medicine is recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization).

The main principles

Ayurveda is based on the theory of the 5 elements

Ether (Akasha)- (or space)

Air (Vayu)

Fire (Agni)

The Earth (Prithivi)

Water (Jala)

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The 5 elements combine to give birth to 3 biological humours, 3 great vital forces that create the body, make it work and destroy it : The Doshas.

Vata, the wind, is a combination of the elements air and ether. It is the dosha that characterizes the movement, the driving force. Vata is mainly found in the colon, nervous system, skin, ears and bones. It controls all the movements of the body such as heartbeat and breathing. It is a rather cold and dry energy. In balance, it expresses itself through fluidity, creativity, alertness, etc. In imbalance, it creates fear, anxiety and irregularity.

Pitta, fire, is a combination of the elements fire and water. It is the dosha that characterizes the transformation, the metabolism. It is mainly found in the liver, small intestine, blood and eyes. It is a hot and humid energy. It manages digestion, absorption, assimilation, body temperature. In balance, it expresses itself through tenacity, intelligence and acuity. In imbalance, it creates anger, frustration, hatred and inflammatory states.

Kapha, water, is a combination of water and earth. It is the dosha that connects and supports, the structuring force. It is mainly housed in the stomach, lungs, tongue, plasma. It is a cold and moist energy. It manages the lubrication of the body, hydration, the immune system. In balance, it is an energy that creates love, gentleness, forgiveness. In imbalance, it generates attachment, possession, greed and congestion in the body.


The Ayurvedic constitution of each person is characterized by a specific combination of these 3 doshas that is unique to us. According to the dominant doshas, we can determine the physical and psychological type to which the patient belongs (Prakriti).

When the doshas become unbalanced, dysfunctions and diseases appear. Ayurveda restores the balance that is unique to each individual and maintains the optimal state of health of the body.

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Shiad Chakkalackal

Originally from Kerala in South India, Shiad was born and lived in a village located in a tropical forest.

There, he specialized in spice growing, while getting involved in social projects in his region and developing eco-tourism activities.

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