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Therapeutic Massage with Reiki

Meaning of Reiki: Rei= channel and Ki= energy of life. Reiki Reiki is a manual therapy that brings extra energy to our body which will naturally go to the areas that need it. Reiki acts where the person needs it, whether on a physical, emotional or subtle level.

It is a way to "clean" our suffering, our unconscious memories...those beliefs that form barriers on the path to joy. Reiki can also be practised without the accompaniment of a massage and in this case the treatment is carried out while dressed. Your therapist will place his or her hands on the chakras and areas of the body that are devitalized, upset or tense.

Benefits: Resource, relaxes and releases energy blockages, strengthens the immune system, alleviates pain and removes toxins from the body.

Registered Therapist ASCA - Reimbursement by your supplementary insurance is possible. Services ASCA are subject to a surcharge by the independent therapist ASCA/RME.  See the list of our accredited therapists and our rates.

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Thai Massage in Company

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