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Lomi-Lomi massage

Lomi-Lomi massage

What is Lomi-Lomi massage?

The traditional Lomi Lomi massage, literally translated as "one big knead", originated in Hawaii. In its original form, it is part of a therapeutic treatment. Hawaiian healers treated body and soul in this way.

The Lomi-Lomi massage is an authentic treatment, which aims to remove tensions, blockages and to rebalance the circulation of the energy "Mana" in the individual.

How does a Lomi-Lomi massage session work?

Lomi-Lomi massage is practiced with monoi oil. It is characterized by a unique, enveloping touch, a harmony of gestures made of fluidity specific to the Hawaiian culture. Using the hands and forearms, the masseuse moves the body over large areas. The variety of touch styles, sometimes small, long and fluid, sometimes light and powerful, leaves a sensation of waves undulating over the body. This massage is ideal for unifying and globalizing the body. You will feel the unity of your body... like never before.

What are the benefits of Lomi-Lomi massage?

The Lomi-Lomi massage therapy provides deep relaxation of the body and eliminates stress. It also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, thus contributing to the elimination of toxins. It is recommended to relieve back and joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis or muscle inflammation. This massage has relaxing, purifying and revitalizing properties.

Please note:

Lomi-lomi massage is not recommended for pregnant women or for people with visible varicose veins, blood pressure problems, phlebitis or dermatological problems.

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lomi lomi massage


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