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Therapeutic Massage Pregnant Woman

Therapeutic massage for pregnant women

Therapeutic massage for pregnant women is a personalized treatment.

Indeed, each pregnancy is experienced differently. The upheavals caused can affect the body as well as the mind: tension, muscle and joint pain, heavy legs, digestive problems, mood disorders, anxiety. The list of inconveniences is long and massage can reduce or even eliminate these difficulties.

An appropriate massage will take into account the stage of pregnancy, the wishes and complaints of the pregnant woman, her daily postures. The massage positions will be adapted according to the possibilities of each one.

The first 3 months the therapist will be attentive to the risks of this period by avoiding certain movements, but this will allow to approach it in the best way by inducing a relaxation. Thereafter the massage will help prevent back pain and poor circulation. If discomfort or pain is present, a deep massage will soften the muscles and a lighter massage will promote the return circulation and the elimination of water. The relaxation and well-being that massage provides reduces stress and anxiety. At the end of pregnancy, this massage allows you to arrive at childbirth in the best possible conditions and can therefore facilitate it.

Benefits for pregnant women

Other techniques are offered to the pregnant woman such as the lymphatic drainage specific for water retention problems or shiatsu for any energy imbalance.

They will have beneficial effects throughout pregnancy and also in the pre- and post-natal period.

A workshop for the couple will propose gestures and movements to do at home that can relieve the pregnant woman.

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Pregnant woman massage Geneva

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Massage for pregnant women from the 3rd month