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Thai Massage in Company

Corporate massage: give your staff the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Thai massage at their workplace.

The benefits are many, including helping your staff to "recharge the batteries" in a limited amount of time to improve productivity at work. This service is particularly appreciated by the employees, who are very grateful to the employer. We offer you a practical and easy to implement solution in your company: our therapists come to your site.

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Thai Massage in Company
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Detailed information on the massage in the company


In a society where work plays a predominant role, the omnipresence of a competitive atmosphere promotes stress and its side effects. For example, the massage in a company is an accessible source of well-being for both employers and employees.


Existing for thousands of years, massage provides men with all the well-being they need. Today, the stress of working life encourages the development of this practice, within the company itself. It is a solution, both practical and economical, effective for "reboosting" employees.


The massage in the company, realized on the spot, is all the more interesting that it is practiced in the same place where the physical problems – tensions, pain – are created. Very often concentrated at the back, it consists of light movements and pressures. Their goal is to untie the joints, in order to give the employee all his energy. On the other hand, on the basis of acupuncture techniques, manipulations can be carried out on the hands, to stimulate certain organs of the body. The same procedure is performed frequently on the feet, in the framework of plantar reflexology.


At all times of the day, the massage in the company presents a significant number of benefits. Invigorating in the morning and soothing in the evening, it unlocks the energy by deeply ending the joints. The various manipulations performed promote well-being. They heal lymphatic problems, relieve backache and soothe headaches. As short as it is, the seated massage is a means accessible to all, to regain energy and flexibility.


The virtues of massage in business are now accepted by all, from employees to the highest-placed directors. Indeed, the latter are commonly used by professionals, in order to offer their employees relaxing sessions. They find that the workforce is more dynamic, helping to maximize their productivity. Concretely, manipulations invite to get rid of stress and nervousness. The work done later is made more efficient, by a considerable resurgence of concentration.

Conduct of a session

Upon the arrival of the masseur at his place of work, the client can sit on his personal Chair and keep his clothes, since this practice does not advocate the use of oils. The traditional pre-manipulation interviews are optional and the Professional is content with a series of specific questions, to ensure that the patient does not have any particular contraindication. In the first phase of the session, the therapist disposes his hands at the shoulder level, gradually descending towards the back. It varies between light pressures and more advanced percussion, while moving on the upper part of the body. Then the manipulations apply to the arms and hands. Slight touches aim to warm the joints to relax them. Finally, some massages are performed at the neck level, mainly designed to unknot the knots present on the area.


The benefits of seated massage are particularly satisfactory in the company, because they are felt at the end of the shorter sessions – from 10 to 30 minutes. In any case, they manage to provide the plaintiff with a pleasant well-being.


The main advantages of the massage in the company reside in its ease of access. Given in less than half an hour, it allows the most eager to enjoy an appreciable moment of relaxation. However, in order to make the most of the know-how of the practitioner, it is advisable to be in a State of advanced receptivity, throughout the service. So when possible, it makes sense to afford a few minutes of inactivity before and after the session: they will allow you to resume your activity in a serene and rested spirit.

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