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Personalized Therapeutic Massage

Personalized Therapeutic Massage brings physical and mental well-being to the body.
After an interview with the therapist, the massage will be complete or targeted, will include different movements such as effleurage, slipping pressure, kneading, vibration and can combine several different techniques of therapies.

This massage does not correspond to a specific protocol, the therapist will personalize the care according to the needs of the client.

BenefitsIt provides long-lasting relaxation by eliminating stress, fatigue and nervousness, activates blood and lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscles, improves sleep and accelerates the elimination of toxins.

Registered Therapist ASCA - Reimbursement by your supplementary insurance is possible. Services ASCA are subject to a surcharge by the independent therapist ASCA/RME.  See the list of our certified therapists and our rates.

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Ayurveda Geneva - Ayurvedic Massage Geneva

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