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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is a massage technique that stimulates the body's self-regulating abilities. It considers the foot as the representation of the human body as a whole: the mirror of the body. Its action is based on the principle of the reflex arc: a pressure on a point of the foot creates a nervous message which, via the spinal cord, induces an involuntary and unconscious physiological response on the targeted organ, restoring its balance. This treatment is used to treat everyday ailments, as well as a personal development technique; in fact, each organ has its own symbolism and reveals a psychological problem that has been somatised.

Benefits Treats functional conditions such as migraines, digestive and sleep disorders, sinusitis, joint pain, depression, acne, allergies, urinary disorders and helps to manage stress.

Reimbursement by your supplementary insurance possible.

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1h00 – 160.-