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History and origin of Thai massage

The Origins of Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancestral technique that draws its origins from India more than 2500 years ago. Doctor Shivaga Komarpaj, personal physician and disciple of Siddhartha, better known as Buddha, left India in order to make Buddhist philosophy and wisdom known to his master.

He developed his own massage technique inspired by yoga for healing purposes, based on the principles of the very powerful traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine; he will then lavish it throughout his journey for the benefit of, among others, monks (Buddhist monks).

However, it is only once he arrives in Thailand that he turns this practice into a successful technique, the know-how of which he will teach to Thai traditional doctors. This teaching is then transcribed in writing and will then pass through the ages to become an integral part of Thai culture and its therapeutic practices.

It is within the Wat Pho temple "Temple of the Reclining Buddha" located in Bangkok that the first texts dealing with these techniques are preciously preserved. Since 1962, it has been home to the famous Thai massage school, thus becoming the guarantor of the preservation of this age-old knowledge. It is to bring this traditional art of living to Geneva that the museum was createdTerre des Sens.

The main principles of Thai massage

The main principles inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy, the Thai system considers that all life forms are animated by an invisible energy, prana. According to Indian tradition, prana circulates in the body through the "nadis", a set of 72,000 energy channels. When the energy is blocked or restricted, an imbalance occurs and leads to health problems.

To treat the entire body, including internal organs, Thai massage focuses on 10 of the nadis that are called "sen".

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