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What is Shiatsu?

The SHIATSUof shi fingers and atsu pressure, consists of the pressure of the thumbs, hands but sometimes also elbows, feet and knees on precise paths associated with gentle stretching and mobilization. Japanese massageShiatsu is traditionally practiced on the floor on natural fibre clothing. It rests on the same bases as the traditional Chinese medicine. It intervenes on points, the "tsubos", located along "meridians", invisible but perceptible channels where the "chi" (ki, qi) circulates, translated by the energy, the breath, covering both physical and psychic functions. Our way of life as well as our way of being influence the distribution of this energy in our body. This energy can be insufficient, excessive, stagnant or blocked, causing more or less long term pain, disorders or illnesses.

What are the benefits of Shiatsu?

Preserve, improve, recover health, mitigate the effects of an illness. Shiatsu balancing this energy is an excellent means of prevention. It perfectly accompanies an ongoing treatment by promoting the healing process. In case of chronic diseases (cancers, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,...) it is used as a complement to treatments. It brings relaxation, improved circulation, better functioning of the organs, health and daily life as well as a general feeling of well-being. It is intended for at all ages and stages of life so also to children, teenagers, pregnant women, elderly people. Shiatsu allows, through the body, to to take stock of his daily life. It accompanies, promotes, supports, reinforces the awareness, the re-appropriation of one's body, of one's needs, in connection with one's environment, changes in one's lifestyle, a healing process, an approach aiming at more autonomy and well-being. SHIATSU is recommended for any functional impairment, including problems:

  • digestive (constipation, diarrhea, ...)
  • circulatory (venous, lymphatic systems)
  • Respiratory (sinusitis, asthma,..)
  • joint pain, back pain, headaches,...
  • fatigue, stress, insomnia
  • gynaecological (cycle disorders, menopause,...)
  • psychic (anxiety, anguish, depression...) etc.

The contraindications are extreme fatigue, fever, severe heart problems, phlebitis or ongoing infection.

How does a Shiatsu session take place?

A session lasts about an hour. A diagnosis is made, mainly through touch, which allows the most appropriate treatment to be given. The needs determine the number and rhythm of the sessions.

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Shiatsu Massage
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