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Sports Thai Massage

Using massage is essential for athletes to prepare their body for a major physical effort. Thai sports massage is intended to relieve muscle pain, obtain better joint resistance, reduce cramps and tears in muscles and ligaments. It will thus help the athlete to improve his performance.

What is a Thai sports massage and what are its benefits?

The sports massage is, unlike to other massage therapiesan energetic and energetic massage first and foremost. It allows you to prepare your body for the effort, but also to recover after training or a sporting competition.


The sports massage given before exercise is above all a preventive massage. It aims to prepare the body to avoid injuries.

Indeed, this massage prepares the muscles for the effort by heating them to make them more reactive and less rigid, thus facilitating the warm-up on the day of the competition or training of the athlete. The fact of heating the muscles thanks to the massage will allow them to avoid blockages and make them more reactive to the efforts that will be asked of them.

This massage can be done the same day or the day before. It is also a privileged moment for the sportsman, who finds himself in the calm. This moment allows him to reduce his stress before a competition for example.


The recovery massage is certainly the most important and most appreciated by sportsmen and women. After an effort, the sportsman needs to relax and especially his body needs to recover. The sports massage allows the blood to circulate and the cells to oxygenate and recover more easily from physical effort. It also prevents the appearance of aches and pains and relaxes the body completely by removing tension.

Benefits of Thai Sports Massage

The main benefit of sports massage is to allow the body to recover more easily after a sporting effort. Its deep action brings a feeling of physical and emotional comfort. In addition to relaxing the muscles, it regulates the body's internal circulation to ensure the blood and lymphatic vessels are nourished even during the most intense physical effort.

Thai sports massage also has a draining and stimulating effect on the body and circulation which will allow the sportsman to be upright more quickly. Muscle tone returns more quickly and helps to resume training by reducing the risk of injury.

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