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Sacred Passage" postnatal care

At present, the Center is unable to offer this treatment. 
Please contact Reception who will advise you according to your needs. 
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Terre des Sens offers young mothers the chance to discover a new treatment.


  • Welcoming the woman, explaining her situation in order to deposit her intentions for the Ritual.
  • Very enveloping floor massage
  • Rebozo tightening on the following 7 points: Head, Shoulders, Ribs, Pelvis, Thighs, Calves, Feet
  • Back in motion

Ritual duration


What is REBOZO?

Rebozo is the name given to a scarf from Mexico.

Woven in such a way as to be strong, supple and all-encompassing, it enables us to achieve what we call "Tightening".

The fullness of the Rebozo gives a very comforting feeling of maternal embrace, the idea being almost to swaddle the woman as you would a baby.

What are the effects?

For the dilation of Childbirth, the Woman expands in all her dimensions: the physical body expands through the play of hormones, acting on the muscles and joints; the energetic body expands and modulates according to the contractions; the emotional body is put to the test through fears and pain; and the mental body must be totally freed to enter into the most instinctive aspect of the Self, so that the reptilian brain can take over.

Then, even if the hormones gradually allow a return to the original body, this expansion leaves traces in the cellular memories of each of these bodies.

Following this outward opening movement, the Tightening induces a refocusing movement that allows all these bodies to understand that it's time to close this parenthesis.

The physical body muscularly understands that the notion of contractility towards the center will return, especially the perineum. The Rebozo restores the right notion of body gabari, making it easier to regain one's body.

The energetic body is refocused and avoids energy leaks, so vital energy is preserved and women can fully rely on it again.

The emotional body feels reassured to finally be pampered and contained, and this gives it access to calm.

The mental body realigns itself in its correctness, repositioning the right direction to take, the mental load is relativized and lightened.

When to experience the Ritual?

  • After giving birth, it's ideal to have seen the osteopath to make sure your pelvis is properly in place before proceeding with Tightening.

  • As part of physiological childbirth, pelvic clamping can be performed a few hours after the baby's birth. More and more maternity units are offering this service.

  • For a Caesarean section, we wait 3 months.

  • To help with bereavement

  • To get through a major life stage (retirement/change of job/move)

  • For anyone in need of refocusing.


This Ritual is a treatment performed from woman to woman, in a gentle sorority where each woman can let go and dare to be. An enveloping, harmonizing ritual made with Love for a return to your Deepest Essence.

A la carte treatment, by reservation with Elise.

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Sacred Passage" prenatal workshops


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